Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Who Needs More Coffee?

This file is so much fun and I just love the gift giving possibilities!  This is my new 3D Mug and it even comes with its own spoon.  The cup is 4" tall and about 3-1/2" in diameter and will cut on both the 12x12 and 8-1/2x12 mats.  This cup would be perfect for filling with treats, coffee packets, pencils and pens to sit on a desk, hot cocoa packets with some marshmallows, even a homemade bag of popcorn...I prefer kettle corn or caramel if you are headed my way!  :)

Here is the tutorial:
 1.  Cut out the pieces in your desired papers.
 2.  Adhere the small rectangular piece to the center of the handle.
 3.  Place each end of the handle through the slot of the decorative piece as shown.
 4.  Turn the piece over and place a piece of tape over each of the handle tabs and then place adhesive as shown.
 5.  Adhere to the main piece.
 6.  Place adhesive on the main piece as shown.
 7.  Adhere the two ends together to form a cylinder shape.
 8.  Apply adhesive to the edge of one of the circle pieces.
 9.  Insert the circle piece inside the mug (adhesive down).  Turn the mug over.
10. Apply adhesive to the entire area of the remaining circle piece.
11. Adhere to the bottom of the mug.
12. Turn your mug over and fill with goodies.  Cut the spoon if desired.

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