Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Pencil Holder with Drawer

You will find my Pencil Holder with Drawer file in my Silhouette store this week!  This file contains a divided compartment and has a drawer too!  This box is perfect for storing many things (my kids use this to store glow sticks and place the connectors in the drawer!)...and would make a wonderful Teacher gift!  This file was designed to work with the Cameo but can be sized down to fit the Portrait machine as well.

The tutorial on this one is a little lengthy...but it is only because I am stepping each piece to try to clarify the assembly.  It really isn't as complicated as it looks! :)

Here we go...
 1.  Cut out all the pieces of the Pencil Holder with Drawer and fold on the provided score lines.
 2.  Starting with the drawer base, place adhesive on the areas shown (the two tab pieces, the long flap on the right, and the side tab).
 3.  Adhere the two tab pieces to the left flap.
 4.  Bring the sides together to form the box, press firmly on the side tab to adhere.
 5.  Bring the bottom flap up to adhere.  Sit this piece to the side.
 6.  Grab your drawer piece next.  Cut a small piece of ribbon and string it through one of the holes.  Tie a knot to hold it in place.
 7.  String the ribbon through the other hole and tie a knot to hold in place.  Trim the ends of the ribbons.  Place adhesive on the four small tabs as shown.
 8.  Adhere the tabs to the sides to form the drawer.
 9.  Place the drawer inside the drawer base.
10. Grab the box piece next and place adhesive along the side tab.
11. Fold the side over as shown.
12. Then bring the other side over to meet in the middle.  Press firmly to adhere the side tab to the box.
13. Pop the box up to form its shape then place adhesive along the scored tab.
14. Press the tab in the box, making sure to keep it level, then adhere.
15. Place adhesive on top of the drawer piece and inside the box area as shown.
16. Adhere the drawer into the box, leaving the two side tabs open at this point.
17. Place adhesive on the bottom of the box and on the three small side tabs as shown.
18. Push the bottom of the box up and adhere the three tabs against the drawer (under the larger side tabs that are still open).  Push down on the two larger side tabs (covering the smaller tabs). 
19. Next grab your divider piece.
20. This piece folds in half to make it more sturdy.  Apply adhesive to one side a shown.
21. Fold the sides together and adhere. 
22. Place adhesive on the two side tabs and along the two bottom tabs.
23. Carefully insert the divider piece all the way to the bottom of the box.  Once you have it centered, press the bottom pieces down.
24. Next press the two side tabs against the box walls.
25. Your box should look like this now!
26. Grab your decorative strips then adhere them to the box in the corresponding areas.
27. Now your box is ready to go!


Janine Brewster said...

Hi Jamie,
i love your designs, i have a quick question what lbs. card sock are you using?
thank you,

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

Thank you so much Janine! My cardstock weights vary...anywhere between 65# to 105# depending on my project (with the majority around 80#). I believe my base cardstock for this box was 80#. Hope that helps!

Md Rifat said...

Yes your are wright and thanks for post a good topic . your post is

top most in related post.

Gail said...

I purchase and created this for my computer desk - fabulous project - as all of the projects I have by you... thanks!

Terri Jones said...

HI, what size did you cut this? Do I alter the size that shows up on my Silhouette screen? Thanks! ~Terri

Jamie Cripps said...

Hi Terri!

The file comes sized accordingly, no need to change it! Thanks, Jamie

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