Monday, July 22, 2013

Oval Divider Box Tutorial

Good morning!  Today starts a new week of files in my Silhouette Store which also means a lot more tutorials!   So let's start the week off with my new Oval Divider Box!  This box is a great size measuring approximately 7-3/4" x 5-1/2"!  The cut file comes with the box base, a lid, and a divider to separate the box into four sections!  This box was created to be compatible with the 8-1/2x12" mat and will fit the Cameo too!

I broke the tutorial up into two pieces, one for the base box with divider and one for the lid.  We are going to start with the base box first...

1.  Cut the pieces in your desired papers.
2.  Fold on all the provided score lines on the band pieces.
3.  Apply adhesive on the tab as shown.
4.  Place both pieces on the backs and line to two up and adhere the tab.
5.  Place adhesive on the small long tab and adhere down as shown.
6.  Place adhesive on the remaining tab.
7. Join the two together to form a circle shape.
8. Place adhesive on the back edges of one of your circles
9. Place your circle box down so the flaps are on your table and push your circle in (adhesive down).
10. Flip your box over, it should look like this now.
11. Grab your second circle and place adhesive all over.  
12. Adhere the second circle  to hide the tabs.
Grab your divider pieces and place adhesive on the side tabs and put the divider pieces together using the slots.
Turn your box back over and place the divider piece in the box and center it.  Once you have it where you want it, adhere the tabs to the box walls.

15. Gather your pieces and fold on the score lines for the bands.
16. Place adhesive on the tab and j
oin the two bands together.
Place adhesive along the long tabs and fold the tab down.
Place adhesive on the remaining tab and join the ends together to form a circle shape.
Place adhesive around the edges on the backside of your circle shape.
Push the circle into the band, adhesive side down.  Adhere the circle to the flaps.
21. Flip your lid over.
Place adhesive all over the back side of your second circle.
23. P
lace the second circle on top and adhere to cover the tabs.
24-26. Additional box images.

Here is a sneak at what else will be coming to my Silhouette Store this week...

Please note:  All the files have been uploaded to the Silhouette queue.  
They may not be available until later in the week.

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