Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Ink Holders!

I received a lot of requests for these two boxes! 
Allow me to introduce to you my Square Ink Storage and my Large Ink Storage boxes! 
The square box is designed to work with Distress Inks and the large box works with Close To My Heart and Stampin' Up! Inks.  Both of these files will cut on the Cameo and Portrait mats.

I have the tutorial below for the Large Ink Storage box, the square one is very similar.

 1.  Cut the pieces for the drawers and trays.  You will need to cut enough to make four drawer/tray units.
 2.  Take the long piece (drawer) and fold on all the score lines.  Place adhesive on the three tabs and the right bottom tab as shown.
 3.  Fold to two tabs in against the sides of the left bottom tab.
 4.  Fold down and adhere the side.
 5.  Complete the drawer by adhering the side tab closed as shown.
 6.  Grab your tray piece and fold on the score lines.  Place adhesive on the two tabs.
 7.  Press the tabs against the sides to form the tray.
 8.  Place your ink on the tray and insert it in the drawer.
 9.  This is what it look like closed.  You will need to do steps 2-9 for four drawer/tray units.

10. This image shows all four drawers and trays stacked and completed.
11. Next cut the holder and fold on all the score lines.  Once you have both pieces cut, apply adhesive to the areas show in the image.
12. Adhere the pieces together as shown then place adhesive on the four tabs 
13. Adhere the tabs to the sides, leaving one end open as shown.
14. Apply adhesive to the bottom of the holder and to each closed side of the drawer box.  Apply adhesive to the top of the drawer as well as shown.
15. Adhere your first drawer in the bottom of the holder.
16-17. Continue adding adhesive to all the sides/tops of the drawers and adhere them in place as shown.
18. Once you have all four drawers in, place adhesive on the top of you open area in the holder.
19. Press the open area down and press against the top drawer to adhere.
20-21.  Images of the completed box!

You can find these files here:  Square Ink Holder and Larger Ink Holder

You can also find my original ink storage box that holds Memento, Stayz On, Full Color Box, and others that size HERE.


❀ ZerrA ❀ said...

Loved it! Thank you!
I can not find a layout for the Distress Inks.
please tell me.

Melissa Whittaker said...

I just discovered these in the store today and I LOVE YOU.



Can you tell I am excited?!?!

❀ ZerrA ❀ said...

Thank you !
I have found!))

SuziQinTX said...

Love these have been getting all your organizers and my crafting stuff looks so pretty now. I'll take a pic and send you the link. I do have a question, well more of a request... these trays, is there a way to make a set that is the same size as the original one but the slots taller? I have some studio G ink spots that are taller and they don't fit in the trays. Is the one for distress inks taller in the trays?

Lee Jayne said...

You ROCK! Thank you for the storage solutions 0- I love them!

Annemaritta said...

Thank you so much for these two latest boxes "just what I was looking for" :)

InnaC said...

Would you mind telling me what's the best type of paper to use for this?
Thank you!

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

Hi Inna!

I typically use anything from 60# to 80# cardstock papers. Hope that helps!

InnaC said...

Thank you for answering so quickly!

Gramma Deb said...

Very helpful. I'm lost without visuals. Thank you for bothering to do this tutorial.

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