Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Coin Banks!

How about some money saving cut files?  :)
My monkeys are all over these coin banks!

These come as two different cut files, the Large Tall Coin Bank and the Short Coin Bank.  Both of these files have pieces for the base box and the lid with a coin slot and both are compatible with the Portrait and Cameo.

The tutorial for both is the same other than the Short Coin Bank does not require assembly for the box or lid band as they are able to cut as one piece.
1.  Cut the pieces in your desired papers.
2.  Starting with the large box pieces, place adhesive on the tab piece as shown.
3.  Adhere the two pieces together then flip the paper over and place adhesive on the bottom tab.
4.  Fold the tab over as shown.
5.  Flip you paper back over and place adhesive on the other tab.
6.  Adhere the sides together to form the cylinder shape.  The tabs will sit next to each other, not overlap.
7.  Grab your solid round piece and place adhesive around the edges.
8.  Stand your cylinder up with the tabs at the bottom and push the circle (with adhesive facing down) in the tube.
9.  Push it all the way to the bottom and adhere the tabs.  Turn the cylinder over and your bottom should look like this.
10. Place adhesive on the second solid circle and adhere on top to hide the tabs.
11.  I chance my lid color from what I started with, so here are the new pieces!  (sorry!)
12.  Place adhesive on the tab piece as shown.
13.  Turn the band over and place adhesive on the long tab shown.  Press the tab down toward the center and adhere.
14.  Place adhesive on the tab and join the two together making sure not to overlap the tabs.
15.  Place adhesive around the edges of one of your slotted circles.
16.  Press your circle into the band.
17.  Flip the lid piece over and it should look like this.
18.  Adhere the second slotted circle over to cover the tabs.
19-20.  Place the lid on and your box will look like this now!

Wouldn't these be so much fun to stuff gifts in or to give to the kids to save their chore money!?
You can even remove the slots from the lids and use them as boxes!

Just click on the image below to get yours!

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