Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sliding Square Box

This box is so much fun!  The square box has one open end to fit in the sliding tray and also comes with two decorative cuts to cover the top and bottom of the box.  

This file will cut with the 12 x 12 mat as well as the 8-1/2 x 12 mat.

1. Cut out all the pieces for the Sliding Square Box.
2. Starting with the tray, fold on all the score lines and place adhesive on the four tabs.
3. Adhere the tabs to the sides.
4. Place adhesive on the inside flaps as shown.
5. Press the flaps down and adhere them to the tray sides.
6. Grab the box piece and fold on all the score lines.  Place adhesive as shown.
7. Adhere the tab to the left side then bring the whole front over.
8. Adhere the sides together and then adhere the bottom flap to complete.
9. Slide the tray inside the box.
10. Place adhesive on the full decorative cut.
11. Adhere the full piece to the bottom of the box.
12. Place foam adhesive on the four corners of the top of the box.
13. Adhere the star decorative cut on top of the box and embellish as desired.


Angi Barrs said...

Love this fabulous box!

Craftybee said...

Can you tell me the inside finished dimensions are of this box? I am looking for a 4.25" square box with depth of almost 3/4". Would this work?
Thanks, Shelley

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

Hi Shelley! The inside tray is 4.5" and 3/4" tall so it should work for you! Thanks!

Craftybee said...

Thanks for ypur quick reply! Sounds like the perfect size for me!

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