Photo Storage

This Photo Storage cut file can hold at least 30 photos within each sleeve and the holder will hold five sleeve giving this storage piece the ability to hold at least 150 photos!

This file can cut on either the 12" x 12" or the 8-1/2" x 12 mats!

1. Cut all the pieces from the Photo Storage cut file.  You will need to cut five of the sleeves to fill the holder.
2. Starting with the holder, fold on all score lines and then place adhesive on the four tabs and two edges as shown.
3. Adhere two of the tabs to the box sides.
4. Adhere the remaining two tabs to the other sides.
5. Fold the two edges down against the box as shown.
6. Adhere the "photos" cut to the front of the box.
7. For each sleeve, fold on all the score lines. 
8. Place adhesive on the small tabs and on the small flaps on the sides as shown.
9. Adhere the tabs to the inside of the fold lines of the pocket.
10. Press the pocket piece against the backing and place your photos in.
11. Fold the flap down and place the photos sleeve in the storage!



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