Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gift Box Card

The name sounds a little backwards doesn't it?  Let me explain...
This cut file is a flat card with an attached box.  It holds six Copic markers comfortably when cut at its full size on the Cameo.  This cut file can be used with the Portrait as well, but the size will need to be reduced.

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out the Gift Box Card with a double-sided cardstock.
2.  For the main piece, fold on all the score marks.
3.  Place a strong adhesive on the first area as shown in this image.
4.  Fold the piece you placed adhesive on all the way over to line up with the score mark to form the box.  Press firmly on the adhesive to attach.
5.  Fold the two small tabs in and then place a small amount of adhesive on the circular tab piece as shown.
6.  Tuck the tab piece in and adhere.  Note, you can use a pencil or ruler through the opening of the box to apply pressure to secure the adhesive.
7.  Place adhesive on the swirly frame cut and adhere is to the white mat.
8.  Use foam adhesive on the back of the mat.
9.  Attach the mat to the flat card area, leaving the edges of the loops to hang off some.

This box is perfect for Copic Markers and a small stamp set and it also work wonderfully for many other uses like:
  • Holding a pack of pencils and sticky notes on the side for Teacher gifts
  • Ziploc baggy of marshmallows and hot cocoa packet on the side
  • Full sized candy bar and a special note
  • Rolled up drawing or note from the kids with a special photo to the side
  • Plus many more!

    Here is a a project using a different mat holding the markers with stamp set...
    (Please note: The mat shown with this project does not come with this file)
    How perfect would this be for your crafty friends!?

You can find this cut file in my Silhouette store by clicking HERE.

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