Thursday, May 02, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week with The Twinery!

Welcome to The Twinery's Teacher Appreciation Week!  All week long you will find lots of wonderful and inspiring ideas from The Twinery Designers!

My oldest is in middle school and finding a gift that we both agree upon isn't as easy as it use to be and since she has multiple teachers, gift cards and store bought gifts really add up quickly and don't quite fit our budget.  

We decided this year we would make personalized Teacher Note Card Sets!  

1.  Use your digital die cutting machine to cut the 3D Semi Circle box from Samantha Walker cutting the box first by placing it on the active mat and then the coordinating pieces as shown.
2.  For the main box, fold on all the score lines.
3.  Place the two larger semi-circles on the tabs, making sure to place the one with the slots on the slotted area of the box.
4.  Place the smaller semi-circles on the remaining areas.
5.  Cut 5" x 5" squares from cream cardstock and create "from the desk of:  {insert teacher's name}" in a word processing application then print on all of the squares.  I have 25 squares in mine.
6.  Once you have all the printing done, cut 3/4" x 5" strips of coordinating papers and adhere to the left edge of the squares as shown.
7.  Using the Ocean Twine tie the squares together then place them inside the box.
8.  Fold the two side flaps over and then fold the two larger flaps in.
9-10.  Tuck the tab into the slot and push to close.

Tie a ribbon on the outside of the box to help secure it in place then use the Ocean and Marigold twine to tie a bow around the ribbon!

Image of Ocean - Deep Teal & White Baker's Twine Image of Marigold - Golden Yellowy Orange & White Baker's Twine

Other Supplies:
Cardstock: Cream (Prism)
Fonts: Print Clearly and Pea Hannah Rocky Road

Be sure to head over to The Twinery blog to see 
more Teacher Appreciation Gifts all week!

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