Monday, April 22, 2013

Triangular Favor Box

How about something a little different?  This box is triangular in shape and has inset sides and a fabulous rectangular window to show off anything you put in it!  

This one takes a little time to put together and has a lot of folds and flaps so I am hoping this tutorial will help you through the process!


 1.  Cut the Triangular Favor Box and fold on all the score lines.
 2.  Place adhesive on the inside area shown by the white arrows.
 3.  Press the sides down to adhere so the triangles sides are upright.
 4.  Push the triangles down again and place adhesive on the sides closest to the window area (shown by white arrows in the photo).
 5.  Place adhesive on the tab areas by the window, shown with the arrows.
 6.  Press the sides down as shown.
 7.  Place adhesive on the tab areas shown with the arrows.
 8.  Press the sides down as before.
 9.  Place a 1/2" strip of adhesive along the top edge.
10. Bring the pieces up and adhere the triangle side to the window area.
11. Fold up the bottom tab as shown.
12. Place adhesive on the side tabs, shown by the white arrows.  Note: You will want to put your contents in the box at this time unless you can fit them through the window.
13. Bring the top part of the box down to adhere and close.
14. This is what the front of the box looks like.
15. Here is the top/side view of the box.

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