Friday, April 12, 2013

Card with Inside Pocket

Good Morning!  I am always sending photos or giving photos to others from events so I am super excited with how my new .svg file turned out!  It is a card with an inside pocket...and the pocket is just perfect for hold 4"x6" photos!  Yay!
1. Cut the .svg file out on double sided cardstock.
2.  Fold on all the provided score lines.
3.  Place 1/4" adhesive tape on the small flaps as shown.
4.  Remove the adhesive backing from the tape and press down to form a pocket.
5-6.  The card can be used with the pocket on either side!

Fun, right!? It could be used to hold tickets, a set of stickers, a special note...just about anything that is photo sized!
I know it will be used a lot over here!  :)


Carol TheAnswerIsChocolate said...

Lovely! Thanks for the tute! Pinning to try.

cdm317 said...

Very cute!

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