Monday, March 25, 2013

Train Tutorial!

Good Morning!  I am back today with a quick tutorial using 

I am only walking through one of the train pieces today as they all assemble similarly, but if you have questions on the other pieces, just leave a comment on this post or shoot us an email at!

This train is an advent calendar which is perfect for counting down for Christmas, Birthday's, even family vacations (can't you just picture a Disney train count down!)...but it is also perfect for table decorations or even birthday favors where each kid could take a compartment!  The ideas are endless which is one of the reasons I love these files so much!

Here are some other cute, right!?

Okay, so on with the tutorial!
 1.  First you will need to cut out all the pieces.  I am using a double-sided cardstock so that I can alternate the pieces for different colors.  Once you have your pieces cut, pull out the main train box and fold on all the score marks.
 2.  Place adhesive on the sides of the train front (where the grill is) then align the sides and adhere the edges down.
 3.  Your train front should look like this. 

 4.  Next place adhesive on the back side flap and adhere the edges together.
 5.  Place adhesive on the front side flap and adhere.
 6.  Your train back should look like this now.

 7.  The top of the back compartment has a couple score marks, you will want to fold so the you have a "peak" on both sides of the roof.  You can either place adhesive on the tabs at this point or you can just close the box (depending on if you are putting something inside or not).
 8.  Next gather the small circle with tabs and the long piece with a slot in the center.  Fold the tabs of the circle down as shown then run the long piece along the edge of your desk to give it a curve.
 9.  Place adhesive on the tabs of the circle and then begin adhering it to the other piece.

10.  Your piece should look like this now.
11.  Place the number piece on the center of the circle.
12.  Next you will be placing this piece on the front of the train.  There is a slot that is already cut that the two tab pieces will push through.  I slightly angle mine on one end then push through.

13.  Next we are going to add the stack.  I place a little adhesive in the center of the piece and then fold the piece in half on the score line leaving the two bottom flaps folded slightly.
14.  Push the stack down on the circular tube in the slot provided.
15.  Next grab the long rectangle piece and place adhesive on the back side.

16.  Adhere the piece on the bottom of the train to cover the wheel holes.

17.  Next place adhesive on the wheels (circle parts only) and adhere them to the train.
18.  Continue adhering the wheel pieces until they are all in place.  

19-20.  Your train should look like this now!
21.  These are the extra pieces I had.  Since I used a double sided paper I just turned my wheels over to make them the green paper so I did not use the wheel covers or the wreath/bow piece.

Isn't this cut so much fun!? 
Just click on the image below to get your train pieces!


Thanks so much for stopping by!

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