Sunday, March 10, 2013

Scallop Top Compartment Box

Hello!  I am back today with another digital cutting file!  This is my Scallop Top Compartment Box.  This box is is approximately 5-1/2" x 2-3/4" and contains a divider to create two sections inside and it is available in .svg format as an instant download in my Meylah store and now in my Silhouette store too!


1.  The digital die cut has been spaced out for two different cuts; the main box and the lid with the divider.  The spacing allows you to place the main box on the active cutting area and once that cut is complete, simply drag the lid and divider pieces over to the active mat area (the main box will be off to the left and will not cut).  Once you have all the pieces cut, fold on all the score lines.

2.  We will be creating the box portion first.  Place adhesive tape on the four cut corners as shown.

3.  Remove the adhesive backing and fold the corner pieces in to form the box.  Press firmly on the adhesive areas.

4.  Place adhesive on the corner pieces of the lid.

5.  Fold the corner pieces in for form the lid.  Press firmly on the adhesive areas.

6.  Your lid should look like this.

7.  The divider piece has three score lines.  Place adhesive on the back of the divider then fold the center piece up to form a peak.  It should look like this

8.  Place the divider piece in the bottom of the box and press down firmly to adhere.

Just place the lid over the box and decorate as desired!
You can find this box and many others through the links below:


Kim said...

love it....I have missed being here and seeing all of your wonderful inspiration, such as this....
Kim xXx

L.B. said...

Very pretty papers you used. fun file.

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