Thursday, March 21, 2013

Egg Carton Card!

Have you purchased Samantha Walker's Egg Carton Card from the Silhouette store?  This card is just adorable and I couldn't wait to show you all!

Here is what the finished card looks like closed...

And here it is opened!  Soo cute, right!?
The little eggs easily slide in and out of their slots so you can add little messages to the back...or clues to find Easter baskets!  :)

Here is the tutorial:
 1.  Cut out the pieces provided in the cut file.  You can "ungroup" the items and move them around so you can cut with different colors of cardstock if you'd like.

 2.  Fold the card base and the card wrap on the provided score lines.

 3.  Ink around the edges of your egg pieces (optional).

 4.  Ink around the edges of your four egg carton pieces (the card base, the slotted piece, the extra egg hole piece, and the back/bottom card base piece).

 5.  Lay your card base flat and then adhere the extra egg hole piece along the top portion of the card making sure the egg holes line up as shown.

 6.  Turn your card back over then adhere the slotted piece, matching up the slot lines as shown.

 7.  Begin inserting your egg pieces.

 8.  Your card should look similar to this image now.

 9.  Turn your card over.  You will see the backs of your egg pieces.  Take the back/bottom card base piece and place adhesive around the edges (do not adhere the middle so you will be able to remove the eggs).  

10.  Adhere the backing on to the card base as shown.

11.  Turn your card back over to the front and close the carton lid.

12.  Place adhesive on the 1/2" piece of the card wrap (shown by the small arrow in the photo).

13.  Bring the other side of the card wrap around and adhere as shown.

14.  Slide the card wrap around the Egg Carton Card to complete the card!

We would love to see what you do with this cut file!
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Candy Spiegel said...

This is so cute! Makes me want to buy a cameo.

Miriam Prantner said...

This is such a cool card! I love it!

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