Monday, February 11, 2013

Sticker Cross Stitch...Yes, Really!

I am a huge fan of cross stitch, but I am really not good at it.  I am always in awe at the straight lines and the even stitches but it is just something that I cannot seem to master, no matter how hard I try!   
As soon as I saw the Sticker Stitches from SRM I knew that I had to give a Sticker Cross Stitch a try!
Yes, Sticker Cross Stitch :) , its now a new thing!  Just have a look...
 Isn't it perfection!?  I just LOVE this look and even more so how easy it is to accomplish! 
Here is a quick tutorial:
1.  Cut a small piece of paper for your background and select the sticker you want to use.  I am using the flower patterned sticker from the Sticker Stitches #58003, Black.  Cut a strip of 12 from your stitches and adhere about 1-1/2" down from your top edge of your paper.
2.  Cut another strip of 12 and adhere it on your first strip.  Note:  I wanted to keep my pattern close, so I adhered my sticker on top of the existing sticker, lining up the edges of the pattern.  You can space them out more for a different look!
3.  Next cut a strip of 10 and adhere it under the second row as shown.
4.  Cut a second strip of 10 and adhere it under the strip placed above.
5. Next cut a strip of 8 and adhere it under your second row of 10 as shown.
6.  Cut a strip of 6 and adhere is under your row of 8, centering.
7.  Cut a strip of 4 and adhere is under your row of 6 as shown.
8.  Finally, cut a strip of 2 and adhere it under your row of 4 as shown.  This completes the bottom of the heart.
9.  For the top of the heart we will create two rows above the first line of 12.  First cut a strip of 4 and adhere it one pattern block in from the left edge as shown.
10.  Next cut a second strip of 4 and adhere it in one pattern black from the right edge as shown.
11.  To finish the top, cut two 2 strips and adhere each above the rows of 4, centering as shown in the photo.
12.  You can create all kinds of looks using this same pattern.  Here is a photo of one that I created on white cardstock using the small "x" pattern stitches!

SRM Supplies Used:
We've Got Your Border #57011, Wedding
Sticker Stitches #58003, Sticker Stitches Black
Strawberry Twine, The Twinery


Miriam Prantner said...

This is fantastic! I love this technique!

Jingle said...

This is SO cute! Love it!!!

Eli said...

I love this idea...that makes me think of other options for stickers I have sitting around taking up space. Thanks for the inspiration. The project is darling.

Emily H said...

This is super cool!

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