Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quick and Easy Hair Bow!

Today I am sharing a tutorial for a cute and quick hair clip!  For this project, you will need about a yard of 1-1/2" wide Polka Dots Wired Ribbon Red/White Dots, a pair of scissors, and a hair clip of your choice!

Cut 4 ribbons about 8" long of 1-1/2" wide wired ribbon.
Begin by tying a knot in the first piece.

Pull the knot tight. 

Tie the second piece around the first, centering the knots. 

Tie the third piece around the others, centering the knots. 

Finally tie the fourth third piece around the others, centering the knots.  Trim the pieces so they are all similar in length, cutting a triangle in each end.  Fluff the ribbon as desired. 

 Flip the bow over and insert your hair clip through one of the slots created from the tie.  

This bow is easy to slip off and on so you can change it quickly to coordinate!
Using different widths and patterns will change the look and size as well! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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