Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  

We have been creating and planning for this day for "weeks" over here!  And I will have to admit, I am a little sad it has already arrived!  We have school parties this afternoon and then a house full of kids grouping together here tonight for Trick-or-Treating festivities!  Then of course, we have been out Boo'ing our neighbors with adorable treat boxes like these...
This is Samantha Walker's No Mess Cupcake Box Silhouette Cut File which also happens to be PERFECT for our Halloween Ring Pops!  
Yes, perfectly perfect!

Here is a little tutorial for the box! 
1.  Cut out the No Mess Cupcake Box Silhouette Cut File in black cardstock, cut the wrap in an orange patterned paper.
2.  Fold on all the score marks.
3.  Place double-sided adhesive on the center flaps as shown.
4.  Bring the middle pieces up and adhere.
5.  You can see how the box should now look in this photo.
6.  Place adhesive on the sides and bring the side wall pieces up and adhere.  This will complete the bottom of the box.
7.  Place adhesive on the top flaps as shown in the photo.
8.  Bring the middle pieces up and adhere.
9.  This step is optional.  I used a small piece of adhesive on the front and back of the cupcake insert to secure it into place.
10.  Insert the cupcake insert into the bottom of the hinged box.  If you used adhesive in step 9, raise the bottom flap up and secure.
11.  Decorate the inside of your box and insert candy (or cupcake!).
12.  Close the box and fold the wrap on all the score marks.
13.  Decorate the latch piece then insert one end of the wrap into a slot.
14.  Place the wrap around the box then tuck in the other side of the wrap into the other slot of the latch piece.  
15.  The latch piece will hold the pieces together, no need for adhesive!

Fun, right!  We attached "Boo" notes to ours and then left them at the doors. It is always fun watching the kids knock on the doors and dart off as fast as they can!  :)

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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Jingle said...

This is a super cute treat box!

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