Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Update and Zippy

I know, I have been a bad blogger but I am working on all sorts of projects, the only problem is I can't share them just yet!  I have been working with some new Momenta products for the CHA Winter show and looking through LOTS and LOTS of Design Team Applications!  

I have also been busy creating projects for the 2nd round try-out with Creative Memories!  If you follow my Facebook feed, you know I completed my projects over the weekend and that I am really happy with the end results of all three projects!  I have everything turned in, so now I just sit and cross my fingers and wait.  Have I ever mentioned how awful I am at waiting?  :)

And, of course, I can not forget to mention all the birthday fun we have been having celebrating Hannah's 12th!  She had an entire group over this past weekend to hang out, celebrate, eat, and play games!
We found some wonderful "teenage" games online like Skittle Mouth and Truth and Dare Balloons!  The games were a big hit and I have a blast watching and taking photos! :)  It was a loud night, but lots of fun to be had!

Then there is Zippy.
Zippy is a new addition to our home!  Gannon found him at Hallmark last night while we were picking out the kids' 2011 ornaments for our tree!  He couldn't stop talking about him and how his friend down the street has one.  It melted my heart and so Zippy is now ours forever...well, if he comes back anyways!  We registered him last night and read the Elf of the Shelf book then woke this morning to find him wrapped up on Gannon's chair at the table!  He was sitting up - but when the girls walked by, he flipped upside down - causing the whole house to fill with screams (Yes, Hannah is scared of Zippy...I believe the exact quote was "He is CREEPY").  So naturally, when Zippy flipped both she and her friend Ashley filled with squeals and ran!  I do see her point...the little guy has been staring at me through this entire blog post...time to turn the chair around!

I hope you will forgive my bare blog for another week or two.  I will post the projects that I can and will stop in with an update here and there! 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yay for Zippy!! And good luck with CM! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Matildy Jane Designs said...

Hahaha! I love the "hanging" elf! Too funny! And congrats on the progress with CM!

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