Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hidden Message Card

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Today I am going to show you how to make a hidden message card using both digital and traditional scrapbooking!  For my card today, I am using the Cheerful Halloween Digital Addition and of course the traditional Halloween Exclusive kit from the Rewards Club!

For this first part, we are going to be using the Creative Memories Storybook Creator software.

Step#1:  Choose your image.  I am working with the "owl".  Resize your image to 3.5" for the Width (make sure your 'lock aspect ratio' is checked before resizing).

Step#2:  Copy and paste your chosen image.
Step#3:  Select the Cut & Fill tab and choose the wand.  Select the white area of the owl and then choose "Copy the selected area". 
Step#4: Select the copied area, right-click and choose properties.  Write down the current width, then change the the width to 13 (leaving the aspect ratio checked).

Step#5: With the copied area still selected, locate the Cheerfull Halloween paper then right-click and choose the fill selected shape option. 

Step#6:  Right-click the image again and choose properties.  Change the width back to its original size (from Step#4). 
Step#7:  Move the image on top of the black and white owl, lining up the areas.
Step#8:  Select the black and white owl we are currently working with.  Go back to the Cut & Fill tab and select the Wand.  Select the white eye of the owl and copy the selected area. 
Step#9:  Select the eye we just copied and fill it in with a shade of purple.

Step#10: Copy the purple circle for the eye and paste it over the other eye. 
Step#11:  Select the four parts to this image (the black and white image, the colored inside, and the two eyes), right-click and then choose Grouping, then Group. 

Step#12:  Select both owls, choose the Format tab and then add a heavy shadow to the bottom right of the images. 

Step#13: Save your project.

Step#14:  Go to the Pages tab (on the right) and right-click and choose duplicate page.  On the first (original page) remove the colorful owl then save the page.  On the second page, remove the black and white owl and then save the page. 
At this point you can add text boxes if you wish.

Step#15:  Go back to the Home menu and select print.  Print the colorful owl on pattern paper (I chose orange) and the black and white owl will print on a clear paper or a transparency.  Note:  Be sure to check your instructions as some transparency prints need reversed images.  You can flatten your image and then go to the Arrange tab, select your image, then flip it horizontally if needed.

Once you have your images printed, we will move on to working with our traditional supplies! 

Step# 16: Download and print out the following template:

 Step#17:  You should have images similar to those below.  Cut your colorful owl on the pattern paper down to size (Inside Card Template).

 Step#18:  Place a small bit of adhesive at the very top center to hold the pattern paper and transparency together, then trim the transparency down to size.

 Step#19:  Punch a small circle using the Circle Maker and then cut it in half.  Adhere over the adhesive used to hold the two papers together.  Add in ribbon and staple the two sheets together.

 Step#20:  Measure and cut out the base template.  Score on the score marks as shown in the template.

 Step#21:  This is a view of the backside of the base template.  My inside flap was white, so I cut a piece of pattern paper to put over the flap.  This will be the inside of the window once folded and your black and white image will appear here.

Place the pattern paper behind the flap and the transparency on top of the flap.

 Step#21:  Fold the flap in toward the window then place adhesive along the inner edges of the two sides (as shown).   Press one side down, then press the other side down.

 Step#22:  Embellish the front of the card as desired.

 Step#23: Your card should look something like this when you pull the tab up! 
how to make gifs


Monika Wright said...

"Wowed and amazed," she says with her mouth open!

Jingle said...

That is so fun! I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [30 Sep 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

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