Skinny Square Boxed Gift!

Ron has associates that he buys for each year and this year he found these electric screw driver sets at Home Depot for them (I love when he is able to find one gift and keep it the same between them - makes packaging so much easier!)!  They were an odd shape so I made a custom box for each set!
The box is 2 1/2" on all sides and 9 3/4" tall (once top is pushed inward).

Cardstock: Textured Christmas (Momenta)
Tag:  Christmas (Momenta)
Misc:  Ribbon and Fiber

To create the box:
Trim to 11" x 12" and along the 11" side score at 1", 3 1/2", 6", and 8 1/2".
Turn and score at 2".
Cut the tabs up to the 2" mark.
Adhere the small (1") side under the large side and fold and adhere bottom tabs.
Hold the top edges together and push the sides in (like a milk carton).
Punch two holes and tie ribbon to close.
Add a tag and decorate as desired!



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