SEI Play Day Baby Gift Box

One of my all time favorite SEI collections is Play Day
I love the adorable little animals and all the coordinating prints. 
Today I am going to share with you how to create a gift box using this line!  To begin, you will need one 12"x12" sheet of paper for the main box and a 4"x12" coordinating sheet of paper for the wrap.
With the 12"x12" paper, score at 1", 5", 6", 7", and 11"
Turn your paper and score again at 1", 2", 10", and 11"
With the score marks you just made, cut up to the 2nd score mark (as shown below) on both sides.  These will be the flaps.
Next, fold the center score marks to form a peak.  You will have two sides of the box, a top and a bottom:
Place adhesive on all of the flap areas:
Pull in the side flaps on the top part of the box and then fold the side flap down.  You will do this twice on the top and then twice on the bottom.
Your box should now look like this:
Next we are going to make a wrapper with the 4"x12" coordinating paper.  I used a border punch on the two long sides of the paper.  You will need to score the wrapper at 1", 5", 7", and 11".  Again, the center score marks will need to be folded to form a peak.  This will adhere to the peak of the box.
Punch two holes on each side flap and insert ribbon as shown in the photo above.
Place adhesive throughout the back of the wrapper and adhere to the box, centering.
I cut two pieces of twine and then gather the ribbon (a piece from the bottom and a piece from the top) then tied a bow in the twine to close the box.  All that is left is to decorate the top of the box!  I used a kangaroo from the paper and placed foam squares underneath him then adhered him to a coordinating cardstock piece!
This box is great for a tiny outfit, some onesies, or even a receiving blanket!
Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a layout using the Monsterville collection!
keep creating...Jamie




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