Accordion Flower Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to make an Accordion Flower! 
We will start with a 1" x 12" strip of paper.  I prefer to use a heavier double-sided paper.
Score at every 1/2" mark.
Fold the paper back and forth, accoridon style.  Once you are done, it should look something like this:
At this point, we need to form a circle.  To do this, place a 1" strip of P K Glitz's 1/2" Sticky Tape to one end of the strip and join the other side together.
Now, this next piece can be tricky.  You push the top edges in toward the center.  It takes some playing with to get them all to go.  Once you have pushed in, it will look like this:
I place a small amount of Helmar's 450 Quick Drying glue in the center (as shown in the photo above) to hold it together.  Next, trace each raised area with a glue pen and add glitter!  I let it sit for a couple minutes to allow time for the glue to dry.
Shake off the excess glitter
and embellish!
Once you have done one, they go really quickly!

Glitter:  Glitz in Chartreuse (P K Glitz)
Adhesive:  1/2" Sticky Tape (P K Glitz) and 450 Quick Dry (Helmar)
Paper:  Paper Boy (Scrap Within Reach)
Button:  Autumn Leaves
Misc:  Twine




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