Thursday, June 08, 2017

Print and Cut Organization Needs!

These Labels print on a letter sized paper and comes with labels for your Kitchen, Living Room, Family Room, Closet, Bedroom, Office, Dining Room, Garage, Basement, and also includes a blank label for other rooms or to be more specific with your box labeling.  You also get a Fragile Handle with Care sticker for your breakables, an Important sticker for boxes that require quick unpacking, and a Box sticker to help you know that a box goes with another (like box 1/2)!  The content stickers are approximately 2-1/4" x 2-1/4" in size.  Not only are they perfect for moving, they are great for when you need to store items too! 

These household chore stickers are a life saver!  Simply print and cut on sticker paper and then schedule your chores in your daily planner to keep up with ALL the things that need to happen!  

I know, scheduling cleaning?!  Who does this!? 
I do, and if you aren't you should seriously try it!  

Some things have to be done daily, like tiding the house (picking up everything everyone left out), loading dishwasher, setting/cleaning table etc. BUT what about those items that you have to do bi-weekly or monthly even?  Keeping up with those items can be tough - but when scheduled throughout the month, the house is clean most always!  I've included the basics all the way through the easy to forget items (like replacing toothbrushes and cleaning ceiling fans!), you even get four blanks to write in your own as needed!  There are 44 unique chores, 4 blanks, and 16 repeats for a total of 64 stickers in all!  

Give them a try and let me know what you think!  

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