Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Silhouette Mint Addiction!

So, I am trying something new with today's post...a VIDEO!  I have always vowed to keep my rambling and awkwardness to myself, but I just felt like you all needed to see how amazing this little Silhouette Mint machine is!

I first learned of this little gem back in May at the Silhouette Summit and I was eager to get my hands on one! ...and I have not been disappointed!  This little tiny machine has so much to offer!  The detail and quality of the stamps it creates simply amazes me...and the quickness of its creations are just unreal to me!  

It's a you've got to see it to believe it kind of thing!  So here we go...

Once you mount your stamp, you will need to place ink on it.
1.  For this stamp, I wanted the heart area to be red so I inked that area first and let it sit for a while so the ink would soak in.
2.  I then added my black ink being careful not to overlap the two colors.
3.  Let the ink absorb into the stamp.  The longer you let is absorb the longer it is suppose to last.  I let mine sit for about 12 minutes and it was pretty well absorbed.
4.  Once you are ready to stamp, grab a piece of scrap paper and stamp 3-4 times.  This removes the excess ink from the stamp.  Once you get a clear image then you can move onto your material.
5.  The stamp blank comes with a label for your stamp so be sure to stamp on your label and adhere it to your stamp!
6.  I am using this Merry Christmas stamp as a label for the upcoming Holiday so I have stamped mine on to Avery Address labels.
7. ...and look I did a whole sheet of stamps (30 labels) and the color didn't even fade.  I love that the little "to" and "from" are clear and easy to read and that my stamp is conveniently waiting for me to stamp again! 

Here are some stamp designs I released in the store this week!


Leeann said...

Great video! Although it's a wee bit hard to watch on my phone in portrait mode, the screen is really tiny that way :(

I'm not a stamper but I can think of a million reasons why custom stamps would be handy! Thank you so much for sharing this. Guess what's going on my Christmas wish list

Nana said...

How are you able to get your Silhouette Studio files into the Mint software. They had me export all files from the Designer Studio and import into the Mint software and most all of the files do not show a pic only the file name.

Jamie Glomp said...

I have to ask where you got the little stand your Mint is sitting on. It's so cute!

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