Monday, April 21, 2014

3D Princess Mirror Box

This 3D Princess MirrorBox coordinates with my other princess items!  The finished project as it comes sized is approximately 10" x 5" x 1” and is compatible with both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats and can be sized to fit your needs!  The box is open at the top of the mirror making it perfect for party favors!

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut all the pieces and fold on all the score lines.  Adhere the tab to the one end of the other strip to form one long strip as shown.
2.  Begin adhering the strip off one side, lining up the edges as you go.
3.  Continue forming the strip to the mirror edge adhering the tabs.
4.  Your mirror should look similar to this now.
5.  Place adhesive along the edges of your second mirror piece (or on the tabs) and adhere it in place, starting with the handle.
6.  Finish adhering the tabs against the mirror.  I used a pencil inside the box to push the tabs against the mirror backing to secure.
7.  Place the detail pieces on each side of the mirror.  Make sure to line up the hearts before gluing in place :)  Place jewels and ribbon on as desired!

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