Monday, September 30, 2013

Haunted House Halloween Count Down!

I am SO excited to share this project with you this week and it is just in time for October!  This is my new Haunted House Halloween Count Down and it is so much fun.  The completed project is approximately 11-5/8" tall, 7-1/2" wide and about 1" thick.  Behind the hinged windows/doors there are 28 boxes that are about 3/4" x 1", 2 boxes about 1-3/4" x 1" and the door which is about 1" x 1-3/4".  The boxes will hold small items such as individual jaw breakers, small bouncy balls, money, notes, chocolate kisses (I have two in each of the larger boxes), and other items in similar sizes!  Each day you and or your little ones can open a window to reveal a surprise and then the door can be opened!  This file is compatible with both the 12x12 and 8x12 mats!

This file does take longer to put together than more typical files, but it does go pretty quickly still.  I completed mine in about 2-1/2 hours, but I was also designing and changing things as I went so it should go together a little quicker for you!  The boxes are easy enough to assemble that you can get your kiddos to help out too!

Here is the tutorial:
 1.  Cut out all the pieces.  The file is labeled to show you what pieces are which.  You do need two of the house support pieces (which is also shown in the file).  Fold the hinged windows on the score lines.  Note that for the house support pieces one of them will fold in toward the back and the other will fold out toward the front so they will meet in the middle to support each other.
2.  To start, grab your small house piece with the side hinged windows and one of your house support pieces (these will fold in toward the back).
3.  Place adhesive on the back of the side hinged piece making sure not to place adhesive on the cut out areas.
4.  Adhere it to the front of the house support piece, lining up the roof lines and windows.
5.  When you stand the piece up and open the windows, the support pieces should stick out the back.
6.  Next fold all your boxes on the score lines then place adhesive on the two center tab backs and the two front tab backs.
7.  Adhere the front tabs to the back of the center tabs then adhere the back tabs to the box sides to form.
8.  Repeat this for the next 27 small boxes.
9.  Then for the three larger boxes, fold on the score lines and add adhesive to the back of the center tab edges then adhere the tabs to the outside of the box similar to what you were doing with the smaller boxes.
10.  Grab your house that you were working with and flip it over to the back.  Place adhesive on each of the support pieces so the boxes can sit on top of them.
11-12.  After I took the photos for these next two, I realized it would have been easier to start with the top three windows rather than the bottom ones :).  Either works, but I do suggest starting at the top and working your way down.  Adhere the boxes to the window/door areas so the support is adhere to the bottom edge of the boxes.  Make sure you fit them to the window.
13.  After you adhere all your boxes in place it should look like this!  Note the top three boxes are laying sideways as well as the two larger windows.
14.  Grab your last house support piece and place adhesive on the support cuts as you did before.
15.  Adhere the bottom support on top of the support pieces that are already there.
16.  Continue placing the support pieces between each section adhering as you go.  This part takes some time as you have to position each piece in between the boxes.  It should look like this when you are done.
17.  Finally grab your solid house backing piece and place adhesive all over it as shown.
18.  Adhere it to the back of the house to cover the openings.  Press firmly on the backing to adhere it to the boxes.
19.  CAREFULLY flip the house over so that you do not move the support pieces out of place.  Open all the window/door pieces and push down on the back of the boxes to ensure that your backing and supports are adhered securely!
20.  Woohoo, the hard work is done!  Grab your three side-top pieces and place adhesive on the backs of each.
21.  Adhere the top piece against the top boxes, using the windows to apply pressure to secure it in place.
22.  Adhere the sides in place, again using the windows to put your fingers in to apply pressure to adhere it firmly.
23.  You can use the house like this...
24.  Or you can cut out the numbers and place them on the hinged window/doors.  I have 31 as the door so that I can put a special treat in there for Halloween morning.  

I would LOVE to see your count down house if you create one!
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ARiches said...

This may be the coolest thing I've ever seen. Seriously! I have an obsession with advent calendars and this is the fix I needed!

I've got mine half-way assembled - I'm nervous about putting the second support on. Not sure how that's going to go, so I'll save that for morning. It looks exactly like yours, so no need to post a pic, but I just had to tell you how much this rocks! :)

Angel said...

I bought this yesterday! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love advent calenders. I am going to work on it this weekend.

John Decker said...

I can not wait for Halloween to arrive so my family and I can go visit a Haunted Hayride and Haunted House. We try to go to a different attraction every year to try something new. Last year we visited Night of Terror and it was great and so scary. I would have to say it is one of the Best Haunted Attraction in NJ because of all the different attractions they have their.

Michelle Lynch said...

Thank you so much for this file and tutorial!! You have made my 3year olds Halloween!! :)

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