Monday, September 23, 2013

First Aid Box

Happy Monday!  
Here is what you will find in my Silhouette Store this coming week...

I am starting the week off with one of my favorites, my First Aid Box!

This box is perfect for holding all your first aid supplies and stores easily in your bathroom or even your vehicles!  You could even use this box as a Get Well set and fill the compartments with candy!  The finished box is approximately 7-3/4" x 5-1/4" x 1-1/4" and comes with four inside divider boxes and a hinged lid.

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out the pieces and fold on the score lines.
2.  Starting with the main box, place adhesive on the four tabs then attach the tabs to the sides of the boxes.
3.  Next grab the lid piece and place adhesive on the two tabs then attach the tabs to the sides of the boxes to form a tray.
4. Adhere the color panel for the cross inside the lid.
5. Adhere one side of the long rectangle piece inside the lid (covering the color panel), lining up the score line with the open part of the lid.
6.  Next place adhesive on the remaining large end of the long rectangle piece.
7.  Turn your main box over so the bottom is facing up and adhere the long rectangle piece to the bottom lining up the edges and bottom area as shown.
8.  Turn your box back over and now you can open and close the lid.
9.  Finally, cut the four divider boxes and fold on the score lines.
10. Adhere the tabs to the box sides on each.  They should now look like this.
11. Place the boxes inside the main box as shown.  They will fit tight so make sure each one is up against the sides as far as they can be.  I use liquid adhesive along the box edges and adhere them all in place, but that is optional.
12. Fill you dividers up with your adhesive bandages, antibiotic creams, alcohol swabs, tweezers, and cotton swabs.
13. ...and close your box!

I will be making one of these for each of our cars 
and using this one in our downstairs bathroom!


Crystal Moore said...

So many goodies!!! I can't wait till they get on the Silhouette Store. I think I will have to get the first aid box first. It will make a great addition to the care package I am sending to my daughter in college.

Jennifer Hinds said...

I cant find your first aid kit. Is it posted in the silhouette store?!

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

Hey Jennifer! Sorry, my files have been in the queue since early morning on Monday - they just haven't made it to the store yet. Fingers crossed that today is the day! :)

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

Fabulous idea Crystal!

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