Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Myra Mains Halloween Favor Box

This box is perfect for treats or party favors.  It comes with the base box that has an easy open-close lid for access, a mat (which can be cut twice to cover both sides of the box), the "Myra Mains" lettering, and a spooky old blackbird!  The finished box measures approximately 5-3/4" x 3-3/4" x 2" with the box holding items up to 3-1/2" tall.  This file is compatible with both the 12x12 and 8-1/2x12 mats.

1.  Cut out the pieces then grab the two box base pieces as shown.
2.  Fold on all the score marks then add adhesive to the common rectangular piece (this is where the two boxes join together) as shown.
3.  Adhere the boxes together then place adhesive on the four side tabs.
4.  Adhere the tabs to the sides of the box.  Your box should look like this now.
5.  Fold the two side pieces in toward the middle of the box.  Insert the tab into the slot and push to close.
6.  Next grab your mat piece.  I used Core'dinations paper which I sanded to distress it.  You can cut two to decorate both sides of the box or just one to cover the front.
7.  Adhere your lettering to the mat.
8.  Use foam adhesives on the backside of the mat...
9.  Then adhere it to the center of the box.
10.  Finally, add in your blackbird using another foam adhesive square then fill with treats!  You could even set these around the house as decor!

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