Thursday, July 04, 2013

Washi Tape Storage Drawers!

This little box is perfect for storing your Washi Tape!  

This cut file comes with the main storage box, one compartment boxes, and one drawer.
The drawer is approximately 2-3/4" x 2" x 2".  You can use the compartment boxes with the drawers alone or cut two sets and use them inside the main storage box to build a storage system for all your Washi Tapes!  Simply stack the storage boxes by gluing the tops|bottom and/or sides together! 

This cut file is compatible with both the Portrait and Cameo.

 1.  Cut the pieces of the Washi Tape Storage Drawers.  Note: For this tutorial, I cut two compartment boxes, two drawers, and one main box.  Starting with the box, fold on all the score lines.
 2.  Place adhesive on the four side tabs.
 3.  Adhere the tabs to the box sides.  Set the box aside.
 4.  Grab your compartment box piece and drawer pieces.
 5.  With the compartment box, fold on all the score lines then add adhesive to the four tabs.
 6.  Adhere the tabs to the side of the box.
 7.  With the drawer piece, fold on all the score lines then add adhesive to the four tabs.
 8.  Adhere the tabs to the side of the box.
 9.  This is what the drawer looks like with washi tape in it alone.
10. Grab your main box and place in one of your compartment boxes inside.
11. Place the second compartment box beside the first one.  You will not need adhesive as these fit snug inside the main box, however you can use adhesive if you'd like.
12. Push the second box down so the two compartment boxes are level with each other.
13. This is what your boxes should look like now.
14. Fill your drawers with washi tape and slide them in the boxes!


Tenia Nelson said...

So so COOL!!! Thanks!!!

Michael Maloney said...

Hey, your ideas and designs are just getting better and better each time I check in with you! The colours and sizes of these storage drawers are perfect for my tapes which are all over the house at times. I try to keep them in some kind of order but somehow they end up in drawers, under tables, even in my pocket!     

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