Sunday, July 07, 2013

Tall Skinny Boxes, Set of Three!

I love boxes of all shapes and sizes and I will have to admit that these are quickly moving to be among my favorites...I even having them sitting up on my card shelf in my art room for display!  

These are my Tall Skinny Boxes and they come as a set of three.  Each box comes with a box base, box lid, and decorative strips to cover the base and lid.  You could even cut two lids and place one on the bottom of the box for a different look!  These boxes are great separate or stack nicely together and all three of the boxes can be cut on both the Cameo and Portrait!

1.  Cut the pieces for the box base, lid base, and the decorative strips for the box(es) you wish to build.
2.  Fold the box base and lid base on all the score lines then adhere the decorative strips in the coordinating areas.
3.  Place adhesive on the tabbed piece of the box base and fold it into the center as shown.
4.  Bring the right side of the box up and press down to adhere on top of the tabbed piece.
5.  Fold the box out to form the shape.
6.  Next fold the bottom sides in and then place adhesive on the top and bottom piece and fold to close.
7.  Place adhesive on the tabs of the lid base and adhere the sides to form.
8.  Place the lid on the box to finish!
9.  You can stack the boxes on their sides or stand them up!


Creative M said...

Cute & Fun!!
Have a wonderful day,
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Allie Gower said...
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iamb said...

I am loving all your designs! You usually put the finished design size, but didn't with these boxes. Can I get an idea of the sizes? Thanks

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

Thanks! These are all 1" square and the lengths are 8-1/4", 9-1/4", and 10-1/4".

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