Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Star Goodie Bag

This star goodie bag is approximately 3-3/8" x 2-1/8" x 6-3/4" and sized to cut on the 12x12 mat.  If can be cut on the 8-1/2x12 but will need to be scaled down.  This bag comes with the bag and an clear/acetate cut for the star window.

 1.  Cut out the bag in your desired papers
 2.  Place adhesive along the top in the center of the scallops as shown.
 3.  Fold the scallops down and adhere in place.
 4.  Flip your bag over.  Adhere in your acetate piece if using one then fold on all the score lines that have a cut at the bottom.  Do not fold on the score line that goes all the way down on each side.
 5.  Place adhesive on the long tab and the bottom flap as shown.
 6.  Fold the side with the tab into the center
 7.  Fold the other side of the bag over to meet it.  Press down to adhere the sides together.
 8.  Pop the box into shape then fold in the two bottom side tabs.
 9.  Place adhesive on the top (split) flaps.
10. Press the top flaps down
11. Adhere the bottom flap to finish the box bottom.
12. Turn your box upright and slightly pinch in the sides to give shape then fill with goodies!

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