Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hinge Favor Box

This box is perfect for party favors and small gifts!  The hinged lid gives this box a fun closure and it contains a tab that tucks in the box making it easy to open and close!  This cut file works with both the Cameo and Portrait mats.

1.  Cut out the pieces of the Hinge Favor Box file and fold the box piece on all the score lines.
2.  Place adhesive on the four tabs shown.
3.  Adhere the front two tabs to the sides.
4.  Adhere the remaining two tabs to the sides to form the box.  Place adhesive on the two long strips shown.
5.  Adhere the two long strips to the outside of the box as shown in the image.
6.  Fold over the lid and tuck in the tab.
7.  Grab your decorative pieces.
8.  Adhere them on the box in the corresponding areas.
9.  This image shows the box open
10. Decorate your box as desired!


BlueCat said...

Great box! Added it to my card and other of your products very useful.

Connie Haney said...

What are the dimensions?

Jamie Cripps said...

This one is approximately 3-1/4" x 4-1/4" x 1-1/4" when finished. It will cut on both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats. Thanks!

Connie Haney said...

Thank you, this is the perfect size I was looking for!

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