Friday, June 21, 2013

Gift Package Bow

Good Morning!  
Today's tutorial is for my Gift Packaging Bow 
which you can find in my Silhouette store HERE!

This one requires some assembly as you will see, but it goes together really quickly.  You can do three different bows with this one cut file.  You can do the larger cuts for a larger single paper bow, the thinner cuts for a little smaller single paper bow, or you can combine the two as I have done for this tutorial for a layered look...this one is my favorite!

Here is the tutorial: 
1.  Cut the thicker cuts with a plain cardstock and the thinner cuts with a patterned paper.  Separate out the cuts by size.
2.  Adhere the pattern paper cuts in the center of the corresponding cardstock piece, lining up the holes.  Do this for all the pieces.
3-4.  You will end up with four medium strips and eight large strips then you will have one small strip which will be the center loop.
5.  Starting with the the large strips add a small area of adhesive toward on end as shown.  
6.  Bring the ends around to form a point at the end.  I form all of my strips at the same time and then once they are all formed, I start my bow using the large pieces.  Match up the holes and press a long stemmed brad through as shown.
7.  Add in the second piece across from the first.
8.  Then add in the third piece at the top.
9.  Lastly add in the fourth piece at the bottom so your bow looks like this.
10. Still using the large pieces, add in another piece at the top as shown.
11. Add in the next piece at the bottom
12. Then add in a piece to the left side as shown.
13. To finish this row, add in a piece to the right side as shown and close your brad.  You will probably have to push down on the bow to close it, don't worry about smooshing it, it will be just fine :)
14. Grab the small piece and a brad.
15. To form the loop, just place adhesive on one end (as shown) and bring it around to the other matching up the holes and press firmly to secure.
16. Your loop should look like this.
17. Next get your remaining pieces and start building the bow's third layer.
18. Add in the second piece.
19. Add in the third piece.
20. Finish this layer by adding in the fourth piece as show.  Close your brad.
21. You should have three pieces now similar to those shown.
22. Place a foam adhesive square in the center of the large piece.
23. Stack the smaller layer on top, staggering the bow points as shown.  Press firmly down to adhere.  Add in a second foam square to the center of this layer.
24. Finish by adding in the loop!

It looks like a lot more work than it is!  I really tried to step it out so the instructions would be clear which is why there are so many photos :)
  I can put together this layered bow in about seven minutes - and that includes my cutting time!


Rowanvamp0 said...

Jamie what sized brad did you use I tried a small one and not all by bow pieces will fit on to make just the base. Then I tried I larger brad and it won't go through the hole..please help thank you.


Jamie Cripps said...

Hi Bridget! I just used a longer stemmed brad that I had on hand. I don't know the size - but I do know JoAnns is where I had gotten them some time ago. You could always staple the pieces or hot glue if you needed to.

Jane said...

Fabulous tutorial Jamie, just purchase this cutting file for a project I am working on. Love Jane x

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