Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Valentine Box Silhouette Tutorial!

Good Morning!  Today I am back with a quick tutorial 
using Samantha's XO Bag with my Silhouette!

I just love how quick this bag cuts and goes together and it is such a nice size to fit in those Valentine goodies!

Here is a quick tutorial: 
1.  Cut out the XO Bag using your Silhouette then fold on all the score lines.  Note: Make sure to leave this cut up in your software as we will be modifying it a bit later in the tutorial.
2.  Place 1/2" wide tape adhesive down the 1/2" side of the box (shown on the left of this photo).
3.  Remove the adhesive back from the tape then fold the bag over and adhere as shown, pressing firmly to adhere.
4.  Push the side of the box in as shown then tuck the flap into the slot.
5.  For the bottom of the box, place two pieces of adhesive on the short flaps.
6.  Squeeze the box sides then press the pieces together so the overlap each other as shown.
7.  Place adhesive on the long flaps then press down to adhere to the box.
8.  Cut a 22" piece of wired ribbon.
9.  Tie the ribbon around the handle of the bag so that you have equal parts of the ribbon on both sides of the middle knot.
10.  Tie a bow as you normally would then play with the bow parts to "fluff" them.  Fold the ribbon ends in half then trim at an angle as shown.
11.  Even out the ends of the box so they lay nicely.
12.  Add a piece of twine around the bow then tie.

To change the color of the X and O strip across the bottom of the bag you will need to make another cut with your Silhouette.

Make sure you have the same file up that you cut with so the sizes will remain the same.  Click on the bag to select then right-click and choose "Ungroup".

Your cut file will now look like the image above.

Click on the outer area of the bag to select it as shown in the photo.  Press delete to remove the bag shape.

Click on the XO strip and move it toward the bottom of your mat.

Drag your mouse around the remaining pieces to select them and then press delete to remove the cuts from the mat.  Make sure not to remove the XO strip.

Once you have the strip on its own, you can move it to the area of the mat you want it and then place a red cardstock strip in the coordinating area on your 'real' mat.  Then cut the piece as you normally would.

Before you adhere the XO strip make sure you line up the thicker edges of the X's on the bag and XO strip so that you place adhesive on the correct side!

I love how easy it is to change up the color on the bag by doing this simple tutorial!


Jingle said...

This is super adorable! Love it!

Jamie said...

This is so cute! I am a sucker for gift boxes:)

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