Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sliding Treat Holder

We have been busy-busy working on Teacher gifts and of course trying our best to stay on budget as we have a total of ELEVEN teachers we are creating for!  My daughter loves to bake and wanted to do homemade cookies this year, but in all honesty we knew we wouldn't have the time with all the end of school year activities so we settled on grabbing Petite Brownie Bites from our local Costco.  These are a household favorite so we were pretty sure the Teachers would love them too.

Of course, since we are on a budget for the gifts we had to find a way to package the let me introduce to you the Sliding Treat Holder!  
The inside box holds 2" in width and almost 6" in length and is 1" deep.  It holds three of these Petite Brownie Bites Perfect but also holds pens, pencils, Copic markers, etc!


1.  Cut out the top and bottom portion of the cut file.
2.  Fold on all the score marks.
3.  With the base piece, place adhesive as shown in the photo.
4.  Fold the outer edges in to double them.  These will be our side walls.
5.  Next, stand the walls up and tuck the tabs in.
6.  Fold one of the long edge pieces up and over the tabs then press firmly to secure in place.
7.  Do the same for the opposite side.  Your base should look like this now.
8.  For the cover, place adhesive on the slanted edge side (on the top side as shown) and place another strip of adhesive on the far edge (on the back side - hard to see but in the photo it is on the right edge on the white cardstock backing).
9.  Place your base upside down in the cover as shown.
10. Line up the score lines then bring the edges over and press firmly to secure in place.
11. Push the box from one side and fill as desired!

You can find this Silhouette cut file HERE!


Allie Gower said...

This is a great idea, I'll have to make some of these to give out at church.

Creative M said...

This is such a great idea. I love these for the holidays!! Yes, I know about the it
Have a wonderful day,
♥ Crafting With Creative M ♥
♥ 2 Creative Chicks ♥
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Anonymous said...

I own this design and have made it at least 20 times at this point. It's so versatile and functional. It's great for packaging small treats, but I have used it most to store all of my misc. pens and pencils in my craft room- they are organized and look much better in decorative boxes. :)

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