Wednesday, February 28, 2018

More Paper Flowers!

This flower is quick and easy to cut and assemble! The files are compatible with both the 8x12 and 12x12 mats.  You can find additional images and tutorials on my blog:
Here is the tutorial:
 1.  Cut out all your piece.  
 2.  Start with the long piece.  Using a skewer (or pencil) begin rolling making sure the glue   
      tab piece is on the opposite (closing) end.
 3.  Your piece should look similar to this when rolled.
 4.  Let it unroll a little and place a strong adhesive to the glue tab as shown.
 5.  Tuck the glue tab in just above the roll bottom, adhere to the glue tab to the petal.
 6.  I use a small hair rubber band (the loom rubber bands work too if you have littles!) to hold the piece while the glue sets.
 7.  Place adhesive on the other two glue tabs of the remaining flower forms.
 8.  Adhere the glue tab to the flower form...making sure to form a pointed bottom.
 9.  Repeat Step #8 for the remaining flower form.
10. Use small clips to hold while adhesive secures.
11. Next cut/grab your leaf piece.  Curl with your skewer/pencil.
12. Remove your rubber band from your first piece.  Pull the petals back a bit and curl down with the skewer.
13. Your piece will look like this now.  This is the center.
14. Use Hot Glue or a strong adhesive to adhere the center to the like petal flower form.
15. Use Hot Glue or a strong adhesive to adhere the flower to the round petal flower form.
16. Your flower should look like this now.
17. Adhere your leaf to the flower.
18. Cut the pieces for the second color and repeat steps!
Here is the tutorial:

Tutorials coming soon!

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