Saturday, March 08, 2014

3D Tulip Paper Flower

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers - not only are they pretty, they just kind of take care of themselves, which is a HUGE plus for me as my thumb is uh-hummm, not so green!  
Guess that is why paper flowers are such a good idea for our house :)

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut out all the pieces.
2.  Adhere the small bloom piece in the center of the largest bloom.  Curls the ends of the petals with a skewer (or pencil).
3.  Adhere the circle piece to the center of the largest bloom.  Bend up the ends of the circle piece then adhere the main center piece in as shown.
4.  Ink the edges as desired.
5.  Place adhesive on the sides of every other petal on the largest bloom.
6.  Adhere the petals up as shown.
7.  Add adhesive in the center of the 3 petal piece.  Adhere the main tulip piece in the center.  Next, place adhesive at the bottom of each of the three petals (toward the base circle).
8.  Adhere those petals up on the tulip and then arrange the petals as desired.
9.  Next cut your square in green, this will be our stem.  Place your skewer (or pencil) in one corner...

10.  Then begin rolling tightly.
11.  Adhere the end with a piece of tape.
12.  Remove the skewer and then make slices in one end of the stem so you have three pieces...should look like this.
13.  Adhere the three pieces of the stem on the bottom of your tulip.
14.  Cut your petal pieces for the stem.  Curl them around the skewer.
15.  Then roll them on one end...
15.  Place adhesive on the non-rolled end and adhere them to your stem (to help cover your tape!).
16.  Your flower should look like this now.

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