Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Another Paper Bow...

This time with some attitude!
This paper spiked bow requires some assembly but it goes together quickly...and I think it is a lot of fun to put together too!  Here is the tutorial: 
 1.  Cut the pieces for the spiked bow.  
 2.  Place adhesive on the corner of one side of each tab (shown by arrow).  Then use a pencil tip or paper curling tool and start in the opposite corner of the tab and begin to roll.
 3.  Roll to the middle of the tab then...
 4.  Bring the other side over and wrap around the pencil or tool as shown.  Press firmly on the adhesive to secure.
 5.  Slide you pencil|tool out and then continue to the next tab.  Continue wrapping until all tabs are formed.  Do this for each piece.
 6.  You will have five large spike pieces and one smaller.  Set the smaller aside for now (it will be our center).
 7.  Place adhesive in the center of one of the large spike pieces (shown with arrow).
 8.  Place adhesive in the center of the second large spike piece then place on top of the first piece centering but stagger the spikes.  Press firmly to adhere.
 9-10.  Continue adding in the remaining pieces as you did in step #8.  Use your pencil|tool to push down the centers.
11. Grab your smaller piece and add adhesive to the center of the back.
12. Lay the smaller piece in the center and press down in the center!

Isn't it so much fun!?  I just love the look!

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