Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tear Out Gift Card Card!

This is such a fun cut!  
This is my Tear Out Gift Card Card (because I couldn't think of another name!) and it of course is a card that holds a standard gift card.

The base has a cut that is just slightly larger than a gift card and the file comes with a cut to cover the hole with a piece of plastic (I use transparency paper but you could even use vellum) and my favorite part is the backing that goes behind the gift card as the recipient has to actually open it to get to the gift card!
Here's the tutorial:
1.  Cut out the pieces from the Gift Card Card file and fold the cardbase on the provided score mark.
2.  Open the card and place 1/4" strips of adhesive behind the window slot as shown.
3.  Adhere the clear/vellum cut over the window cut.
4.  Place your gift card in the window area so the back of the card is facing up then apply a small glue dot to the back of the gift card.
5.  With the card backing piece, place 1/4" strips of adhesive around the edges as shown.  I like to bend on the the perforated lines so that it is easier for the recipient to tear open.
6.  Adhere the card backing over the gift card (making sure to keep your gift card centered in the window).
7.  This is what the front of your card should look like.
8.  And this is what the inside should look like.
9.  When the recipient opens the card, it looks like this :)

Decorate the card as desired!

Here is a card that I created using this file:

This card actually has two gift cards stacked on top of each other in the inside area.  Of course, the recipient had to pull open the inside area in order to reveal the cards!  :)

You could use this card for to hold horizontal wallet photos (even graduation or Christmas photos!) or business cards too!

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