Thursday, May 23, 2013

Samantha Walker Silhouette Portrait Giveaway and Promotion!

Have you been by Samantha Walker's Blog this morning?  
She is giving away another Silhouette Portrait Machine!  

I am sharing an adorable onesie I created using Samantha's Dog Puppy Silhouette cut, the Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing, and Samantha's Serenata fabric collection!  

1.  Cut a piece of the Clean Cut Fabric Interface a little smaller than your fabric.  Place the textured side down on the back of your fabric.
2.  Use a hot iron to adhere the interfacing to the fabric.
3.  The back of your fabric should look like this now.
4.  Remove the backing from the interfacing.
5.  Place the fabric on your Silhouette mat.
6.  Insert your Fabric Blade into your machine and load your fabric.

7.  Move your design to match where your fabric is on your mat and then press the "send to silhouette" button.  Change your cut setting to "fabric cotton print" and make sure your blade is adjusted properly.  Press "cut".

 8.  Your Silhouette will cut your design.
 9.  Unload your mat once the cut is complete and remove the fabric.
10. Your cut should look similar to this.  Remove the design from the mat.
11. Place the design on your onesie and place it where you want it.
12. Iron the design on.
13. I used the Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing for my project and then hand-stitched the edges.  If you want to use a machine to sew on your design make sure you use the Sewable Fabric Interfacing.

If you already have a Silhouette, be sure to take advantage of the promotion!  You can get both the Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing and the Sewable Fabric Interfacing plus the Fabric Blade and a $25 download card for just $29.99!
Just click HERE and use promo code SAMANTHA!


Laura Turcotte said...

I think the question would be what WOULDN'T I create?? lol I am drooling over these machines, and am trying, trying very hard to get one of these babies!! I want to create appliques, cards, home decor....endless stuff!!!

Ashley said...

I would love to make some labels for the containers in my pantry.

rush said...

i would love this machine to help me create cards with more zing!

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