Friday, May 31, 2013

A Gift for Teacher!

 Good morning!  I am back today with another bargain gift for the teachers!
and hiding inside is this cutie...
I picked up the post-it note holder for just $7.00 from a local Office Max and spent about $0.35 for the vinyl!  We also picked up a three pack of the pop-up post-it notes which were on sale bringing this teacher gift in at under $10.00 in total!  WooHoo!  Anyone else excited!?  :)

How about a quick ribbon tutorial?  Maybe that will do the trick!
Today I am using a Celadon Lyon French Wired Ribbon from Ribbons Unlimited!  I love the feel of the Lyon French Wired ribbons and since they have wire, they stay where you want them! 
1.  Gather your box and clear a little space to work.
2.  Trim a large piece of ribbon and place the center of the ribbon across the top of the box.
3.  Pull the ribbon down under the bottom of the box and then cross the ribbon and begin pulling them back up to the top of the box.
4.  Both of your ribbons should be back at the top like this image.
5.  Push one of the strings under the ribbon already on the box.
6.  Then push the second one under in the opposite direction.
7.  Pull the two ribbons back up and then tie together, pulling the ribbon tight.
8.  Tie a bow as you normally would, fluffing out the bow area.
9.  Pull the end to the side behind one of the loops of the bow then tie another bow in the center of the existing bow.  Trim the ends to the desired length.  If you have a lot of excess ribbon, you could always tie a third bow!


Anonymous said...

Very cute!

... allie ...

Sarah said...

Cute gift!

Creative M said...

AWESOME gift!!
Have a wonderful day,
♥ Crafting With Creative M ♥
♥ 2 Creative Chicks ♥
♥ Silhouette Challenges ♥

Marina Taenkova said...

Amazing idea! You are so creative!
I was so inspired by your gift idea so I went to my local Office Max and bought some of them for my studio too. )))
Thanks a lot! Wonderful job!

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